Monday, December 17, 2007

Garlic Cesar Cock Breath

First things first, I know I didn't spell "Caesar" correctly, get off my nuts!

Anywho, my brother was dating this fatty we will call, "Porked Out After My Brother Dumped Her", or "Pumba" for short. Anyway, Pumba was blowing my brother this one night, and her fucking mom calls on her cell. She stops sucking, jacks my brother off in one hand, while talking to her mom on the phone with the other. Her fucking mom asks what they are doing, and she says that they, "Are watching a made for tv movie that is a spinoff of 'Tremors', or something."

Once she gets rid of her mom, Pumba sheds the mumu gets naked to get on top of my brother, and she is face to face with him. But she had this garlic cesar steak thing for supper, and it gave her garlic cesar cock breath. My brother could barely fucking breathe, and it was so bad he couldn't barely cum. He dumped her shortly after that.