Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Review - Cop Out

When I first saw trailers and preview for Cop Out, I was legitimately enthusiastic. I am one of the seemingly few people in America that is underexposed to Tracy Morgan, and I figured pairing him up with Bruce Willis for a cop comedy would be a pretty solid venture. Well, for the most part I was essentially correct. Morgan and Willis work really great together, but they have a tall hill to climb in all of the bullshit going on around them.

The biggest black hole they have to climb out of is the story. After a drug sting gone bad, Willis and Morgan get suspended without pay. Oh no! This is supposed to be terrible for the Willis character because he needs the money for his daughter's fancy wedding. Only to have it turn out that the wedding would cost WAAAAY more than any cop earns in a month ($50 grand), so instead he has to sell his collector baseball card, but he gets robbed by parkour robbers that sell it to a drug lord that is obsessed with baseball.

This is just one case of a plot element being totally fizzled out by a later development. I mean, why suspend these guys without pay if the cop was never going to be able to afford it on his paycheck anyway? It's like later in the movie when Morgan and Willis bail out the parkour robber to break in and steal back the baseball card, but he falls and is incapacitated on the way in, so the two of them end up breaking in by themselves any way. You just keep finding yourself asking, "Why bother? What was the point?"

Even though there are legitimately funny and entertaining parts sprinkled throughout the entire movie, I personally had a hard time reconciling the characters actions with the story (or maybe vice versa). I realize it's hip to be convoluted these days, but your story shouldn't be such a damn mess that your stars can't shine through it.

I will rate this movie as follows:

BONG!! with two exclamation points: You could go see this yIntagh movie, or you can stay home and watch Conan the Barbarian on DVD whilst slapping the salami.

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