Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jenny McCarthy Can Bite My Crank

...but she will blow me first.

For those not familiar with Jenny McCarthy and her retarded crusade against vaccines, read up here. Summary: She thinks a measles vaccine gave her son autism and because she showed her pussy in Playboy her opinion is somehow valid, so she advocates to parents world wide not to vaccinate their children.


Well, study after scientific study hasn't been able to turn up any conclusive evidence for these claims, and now the main study linking the vaccines to autism in the first place has been deemed a fraud.

Go die in a fire, you ignorant fucking cunt. Take Oprah's dumb ass with you for putting your bullshit on tv, too.

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Grand Slam Poet said...

This reminds me of the Catholic Church molestation scandals, where I am more disgusted by the enablers than the perpetrators (while still hating the perpetrators). McCarthy can't help being stupid and she can't help that the people around her have always been too tit-blinded to call her on it, but she's be encouraged and promoted by a lot of people who should have known better. Ass cancer for everybody!