Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Huck Finn To Be "Edited"?

If you took a snapshot of the part of my soul that is connected to my intellect, it would look something like a tired, beaten old man...near death and crying. However, this old man would also have a gigantic smile on his face, a school bus filled with terrified children, and his finger on the trigger of a bomb big enough to put California into the ocean.

Yahoo! reports that:

"NewSouth Books plans to release a version of "Huck Finn" that cuts the "n" word and replaces it with "slave." The slur "injun," referring to Native Americans, will also be replaced."

(Even the cowards at Yahoo! are too chickenshit to say "nigger", even when it is in context and meaningful.)

Here is the rationale:

"The idea of a more politically correct Finn came to the 69-year-old English professor over years of teaching and outreach, during which he habitually replaced the word with "slave" when reading aloud. Gribben grew up without ever hearing the "n" word ("My mother said it's only useful to identify [those who use it as] the wrong kind of people") and became increasingly aware of its jarring effect as he moved South and started a family. "My daughter went to a magnet school and one of her best friends was an African-American girl. She loathed the book, could barely read it.""

(Again with the chickenshit term "n-word". The word is "nigger", no matter how much anyone hates it.)

White guilt and political correctness, about the only thing on Earth more fucking retarded than fundamental Christianity. America (particularly NewSouth Books and and "Professor Gribben" [his PhD has to be in FAIL]), Kahless is disappoint. And I am mad as fucking hell. This is an intellectual disgrace.

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Grand Slam Poet said...

If it's any consolation, NewSouth math books will replace the variable "n" with "nigger."