Friday, December 3, 2010

New dream-Koo Koo Klux

The situation of this dream is as follows: I was in a large conference room of the student union on the University of Arizona campus. It was being used as emergency short term shelter and I was there with about four other students. It was night time, we had just finished watching a concert on tv, and were about to go to sleep.

However, shortly after everyone had lay down, the lights come on and four people wearing Ku Klux Klan robes walk in, two of them carrying a large flag with various symbols (including a swastika). They turn on the lights and walk into the center of the conference room. Their leader announces, "We are the U of A Student Klan Klub, and we had previously arranged to hold our monthly public forum here, and intend to do so. Any of you that are currently disenfranchised are welcome to stay and get what rest you may."

The students that were in the room with me left. The Klan Klub removed their hoods and robes and set up at a small table on the far end of the room. It was two young men and two young women, their leader being a typical Aryan, and all of them nice, white, clean Christians.

As I prepared to leave, one of the young women notices me packing and says, "You don't have to leave, brother. All are welcome at our public forum."

I respond, "I get that you have the First Amendment right to do this, but this ain't my scene and I want to go to bed."

With that she sighs and gives me a look of "Oh, well, another white person lost to liberalism!", so I make sure to toss her, "You only being nice cuz I'm white, you uppity cunt...oh, did you tell your boyfriend you ain't a virgin, yet?"

So, anyway, a line starts forming. People from all walks of life are standing in line to go in front of these four yahoos. Apparently the "public forum" means that you can go to these Klan Klub kids and give them a piece of your mind for precisely 60 seconds. It was great, because all of the sudden the place with packed with people all telling each other what they were going to say. However, the crowning achievement of the open forum queue had to be the guy that was so drunk he was on his hands and knees in line ranting the same thing over and over, "The little foolsh...little foolsh...gonna ruin da world...little foolsh...little foolsh...gonna ruin da world..."

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Shit Leopard said...

You sure the line wasn't for the new Adam Sandler film's auditions? Sounds like awefully similar circumstances...