Monday, December 20, 2010

New Dream: Grateful Cage

The dream begins with an open mic night at a small comedy club. A middle aged hippie with long red hair and a long red beard walks on the stage, wearing a button up red and black flannel shirt and jeans. He is like a bizarre skinny passive resistant lumberjack.

"I have tried to get into Grateful Dead for a long time, and for years it just didn't catch for me, man. No matter how high I got, it just didn't take off for me...well, until THAT ONE TIME I GOT SOOO HIGH. How high did I have to get? LOOK!"

He then reaches up and makes these two gigantic pigtails with his hair that eventually come to resemble moose-like antlers. Once they were properly shaped, he unbuttons his flannel shirt to reveal a grey tshirt with a drawing on it. Imagine an Abbey Road like drawing with the hippy-lumberjack walking in front, followed by Jerry Garcia and Grateful Dead all in white tuxes, with Nic Cage bringing up the rear dressed as a 50s greaser in a black leather jacket.

The light on the stage then dims and a small film projects on the wall set to generic Grateful Dead-y music. A large ballroom with a shiny floor is shown. Jerry Garcia is playing a massive grand piano. He is sporting a spiked goatee and a large white mohawk. The rest of the band is Vegas show dancing across the ballroom floor. Intermittently, Nic Cage enters from one of the side doors of the room (still dressed as a greaser), does a small "be-bop" dance, exits, then re-emerges to do the same.

Unfortunately, I wake up at this point...but wow.

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