Monday, April 19, 2010

People NEED to Be Knowledgeable About Firearms

OK, this is a little different from what I usually post. You see, there was an article online about some dipshit kid that took a (thankfully unloaded) firearm to Iowa City High (my old stompin' grounds) last Friday, and I am just burned up mad like hell about it.

It's pretty hard to rile up my tidy whitey redneck righteous indignation, but kids doing stupid shit with guns is one really fucking fast and easy way to ENSURE to piss me off to high holy hell. Let me give you some background on my history with firearms:

I personally do not own any firearms of my own at this point. However, I am not opposed to the notion in the least. I grew up with firearms, my father owns several. My father taught my brother and myself extensively about guns and guns safety. In fact, we spent more time talking about guns and gun safety than we ever did actually shooting them.

My father made us demonstrate on any gun we were going to use how to load and unload it, how to tell when the chamber was clear, how to use the safety, how to clean the gun, etc. We had strict, ardent rules when in the presence of firearms. My father keeps his firearms securely locked up in a heavy metal cabinet with a 10-ton padlock. The ammunition is securely locked up separately in another cabinet.

So, even though I do not personally own a firearm now, I respect and understand them, and I know how to use a wide variety of firearms thanks to my father's instructions. You don't have to own a gun to "believe in" them. It wasn't until I was older that I realized how valuable the lessons about firearms he taught me were. He passed on to me the knowledge and wisdom of firearms...and they are not toys.

It's sounds so simple, but then I look at that article I mentioned earlier. That 15 year old kid more than likely took that gun from his dad. I just want to beat 'em both. Whether you agree with owning a firearm or not, and I respect the decision either way, I think it is fair to say that anyone that elects to own a firearm needs to damn well respect and understand firearms. Leaving a gun where a 15 year old has access is not understanding and respecting firearms.

Kid, you are damn fucking lucky you couldn't either get to or find the ammunition. You think you are in hot water now? Try 25-life.

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