Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is the introductory post of a new theme in my blog named simply, "OWNAGE". It is primarily a gamer term, but sometimes in life there is REAL ownage.

Now, to be mentioned here the ownage must meet the highest standard! Therefore, it must be ownage on par of GANDALF SOLOING THE BALROG IN THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING. That's right, to get mentioned here, you have to own so bad that even Gandalf wouldn't even play the 'Rog card on ya.

However, it is time to move on to the ownage that inspired this post! QAPLAH!


Jordan Verner posted youtube videos of himself playing “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”, asking for help to beat the whole game. Roy Williams and three other Zelda fans granted his wish, spending two years assembling a written script of moves. Jordan’s computer read the script aloud while he played.

An average gamer will take about a week to play through the entire thing, but this project took almost 2 years and more than 100,000 keystrokes. Finally, Jordan beat the entire thing. “I felt great,” said Jordan. “I felt strong. I felt like the sky’s the limit. Our school’s motto — and I live by it — is the impossible is only the untried,” said Jordan.

HOLY FUCKING HELL YES! This. FTW. Not only is Jordan like Gandalf, but Roy and his buddies are like little Cirdan's giving Gandalf the magic ring to help whoop the 'Rog! This is so full of win and ownage that I might have to start playing World of Warcraft to balance out the FAIL/WIN ration in the universe. (NOT!)

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