Friday, January 22, 2010

New Dream-Romulan Torture

This dream takes place during "The Next Generation" timeline, and I was an unidentified captive of the Romulans, and being held prisoner by them in this massive concentration camp. All of the other prisoners were various Starfleet officers, and I was often with Worf and his son Alexander (a Starfleet ensign in my dream).

Apparently, the idea was that the Romulans were keeping this concentration camp and trying to add as many prisoners to it as they could. A large contingent of the force posted there would often leave the prison planet to go on a raiding mission to abduct more Starfleet personnel.

It was after one of these raids that the Romulans returned with Captain Picard. This was incredibly demoralizing to the prisoners, Picard was a big hero and supposed to be unobtainable by the Romulans. It was a dark moment when he arrived in camp, and made many despair.

As captives of the Romulans, all of us wore these bracelets that worked as like electromagnetic handcuffs. The Romulans could use a small hand-held device to control the placement of our hands (like putting them behind our back like regular handcuffs). A daily routine at the camp was that all of the prisoners would line up in ranks, and Romulan guards would go around and whip various prisoners at their discretion. They would use the electro-cuffs to put our hands over our heads and whips our backs ruthlessly. Everyone in the camp had marked and bloody backs through torn shirts.

One morning, we lined up. I was with Worf, Picard, and Alexander. The Romulans came out and declared that any of the prisoners that begged for mercy would be spared and could see a doctor. Alexander wavered and said to Worf, "Father, I am not brave enough to do this...I want to ask for mercy!"

Worf yelled back, "No, you must not! It will show the Romulans that they have defeated you! You will lose your honour!"

During the yelling, a Romulan walks over to Alexander and says, "Do you want mercy now, young one? Look, there goes two more ships, we are sending our largest contingents ever out to get more prisoners. It is hopeless now. If you get mercy now and...cooperate...with us, you can be the first to demonstrate to the prisoners the benefits of...cooperation."

Worf becomes enraged and charges the Romulan, and gets stunned with phaser. Alexander wavers more and is about to ask for mercy when Picard steps between Alexander and the Romulan, infuriating the Romulan. Picard speaks, and somehow his charisma lifts the spirits of all the Starfleet prisoners and emboldens Alexander, "Do not bow to their wishes, ensign. They are cowards and can only hurt your body. However, your freedom of spirit and loayalty to the Federation cannot be so easily tarnished by these HaDiBahs!" (Yes, Picard uses a Klingon slur to anger the Romulans! BOOSH!)

At this, the Romulan and two other of the guards start mercilessly beating Picard with the whips. Picard seemingly goes into a trance, and makes no sounds, but the beating is so severe that it will surely kill him. The prisoners start to stir, some start shouting out for the beating to stop, they are whipped. More prisoners become angry. I become angry. I look around, the Romulans seem so few with their forces away, and the prisoners seem so many.

I lash out at the nearest Romulan and sink my teeth into his throat, ripping it out. With green blood trickling from my mouth, I let out a primal scream. I start yelling at the prisoners, "NOW, ATTACK THEM! BITE THEM, KICK THEM! WE DO NOT NEED OUR HANDS TO KILL!!!"

As if a bomb had been set off, the camp explodes into chaos. Everywhere Starfleet officers are kicking at the legs of Romulans to knock them down, then curb-stomping their heads. Phaser and disruptor fire starts coming in from other guards, but they are quickly swarmed under attack by prisoners.

Alexander rushes to Worf to rouse him. Soon they are fighting together, killing many Romulans. When one of the Romulans fall, Alexander notices that the felled guard has the master device for the electro-cuffs. Alexander quickly falls backwards on the bloodied Romulan to procure it. "Father, which button to deactivate?" Worf quickly instructs him, and soon the entire camp goes quiet save for the chandelier-like clinking of hundreds of pairs of electro-cuffs falling to the ground.

The ensuing violence dwarves the initial outburst. With their hands freed, the prisoners start rending the Romulans mercilessly. No one picks up the fallen weapons, it was a frenzy of brute force and bloodied hands.

At this point, I run to Picard who is badly injured. I pull off my shirt and tear it to try to bandage some of the more severe wounds. He instructs me, "Notify Worf, we need to get to the hangar and commandeer their flagship before it is too late!"

I scream to Worf, who is still fighting valiantly with his son. When they see Picard and I, they both run over. We help Picard up and make for the hangar. Many of the prisoners see us and rally around us. As we get to the hangar, the prisoners just fucking Zerg the last of the Romulans trying to flee on the last ship left on the planet.

Now, unfortunately, this is where the dream ends. However, I like to imagine that we take their ship, find the two raiding ships and blow them out of the sky, and then go fuck all of their mothers.

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