Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little hope in my vote

Nobody fucking dislikes Republicans and their filthy tactics more than I do. I wouldn't have pissed on Dick Cheney if he was on fire, and G-Dub was a fucking moron extraordinaire. Those two and their good ol' boy system fucked this country for eight fucking years, and what are we left with now?

More of the same.

I didn't have a lot of hope going into the 2008 election. I didn't buy into the Obama cult of personality. All I knew was that we sure as hell couldn't let two retards fucking worse than Bush and Cheney (McCain* and Palin) further plunge the country into the Republican agenda. My only real hope was that it wouldn't get worse.

Technically, it hasn't got WORSE, but it is still business as usual up on Capitol Hill. The most telling sign that we were no better off (internally politically speaking) was when I was listening to NPR this morning, and President Obama was addressing AIRPORT SECURITY and HEIGHTENED MEASURES. He sounded just like that fucking dingbat Bush and I felt like I had taken a timewarp back 3-4 years. It was fucking bullshit.

Airport security indeed. Any president with a fucking spine would have publicly laughed out loud at the latest "Christmas Day Attack", and called that fucking loser with explosive underwear a massive failure. What are we doing instead? Talking about installing X-Ray machines in fucking airports, getting dogs for the guards, etc.

The thing that draws my ire the most about the "Christmas Attacker" was that he was a passenger that should have been eliminated by routine, rudimentary flying procedure. He boarded an international flight without a passport. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. (There has been question drawn to this issue, but then there is also this.) Yet, while this fucking asshole got on an international flight without a passport, at home we are patting down and aggressively frisking 8 year old Cub Scouts trying to board a plane to go on vacation.

(Behold the face of terrorism in America.)

President Obama, this is not what I fucking signed up for with my vote for you. You have been an abysmal, spineless disappointment. You have about much Martin Luther King, Jr. and Gandhi in you as I have patience and tolerance for you fucks on Capitol Hill. Remember when you were doing shit like closing Gitmo and generally trying save America's face internationally? Take that spark and work on us at home now! Quit trying to make the universally appealing choices and start making the hard decisions.

I would rather die from a bomb on a plane in a free country than arrive safely in fucking Oceania. We Americans are better and braver than this. Obama, Americans, I am disappoint.

*I just wanted to point out that I, by no means, think McCain is anywhere near as stupid as that crazy fucking retard fundy ubercunt Palin. In fact, I used to moderately respect him, even though he was a Retardlican. However, that little fucker sold out big time to try to get that oval Office Prize, and it was disgusting to watch.

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