Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hawkeyes OWN 2010 Orange Bowl

(This poor fucker is gonna see the number 94 in his nightmares.)

Simply put, the Hawkeyes fucking manhandled and shitstormed Georgia Tech in the 2010 Orange Bowl, beating them 24-14 (a score that doesn't even come close to telling how lopsided the victory was).

The Iowa D held the highly touted "triple option" offense of Tech (averaging about 340 yds per game) to a miserly 155 yds (coming mostly on their sole scoring drive). Adrian Clayborn wrapped up 9 tackles and 2 sacks, Pat Angerer had a dozen or so tackles, and AJ Edds got himself an INT. The defense held Tech's Nesbitt to 2 of 9 passing for 12 yards and a pick.

What the fuck.

Ricky Stanzi manned the helm on offense again as "Joe Cool", quietly running the offense sharp and precise, and amassing 231 yds and 2 tds on 17/29 passing. It was great having him back.

The receivers all stepped up and keep the chains moving (and the points scoring), Marvin McNutt put an early fumble behind him to score a 1st quarter touchdown. Sandeman and the injured Stross both hauled in key third down receptions, with Sandeman getting a score, and DJK was able to catch a few chain-moving beauties before his ill-timed knee injury (get well soon!). However, the most dazzling pass play had to be the TE Moeaki catching a ball in open space then got a couple blockers in front of him and BLAZED the Tech defense for 54 yds.

Once Iowa had the lead, it was Kirk-ball at it's finest. Play defense, run the ball, and move the sticks. Nobody ran the ball better that night than Iowa's own "White Lightning" Brandon Wegher. He and Adam Robinson combined for 30 carries and 172 yds. No carry was more pivotal than late in the fourth quarter with the clock running and the Hawkeyes holding on to a slim 3 point lead, when the O-line just mauled Tech's defensive front and allowed White Lightning to scamper 32 yds for a "nail in the coffin" score.

As a fan watching this game, the types of images I will associate to the game will be of my Hawkeyes playing disciplined, guys like Clayborn and Angerer in Tech's backfield knocking guys around, Joe Cool Stanzi playing the game, and Kirk-ball winning the day. This was sweet, sweet victory for the Hawkeyes and the fans.


Andrew said...

Truly an Expo on how Defense is played in Division 1 Football. GT was supposed to be faster, more savvy, more explosive than Iowa.

All of that blew up in their face as they couldn't move the sticks on their first six possessions. Stanzi again proves that he is just a WINNER!

Great football, great win for the Hawkeyes. I'm gonna enjoy reliving the moments for weeks to come.

Anonymous said...

piracy affects porn but it's still winner during the crunch

Jack said...

What does Clint Barton have to do with any of this?