Friday, January 8, 2010

Clothing chain draws Klingon ire

OK, so this clothing retailer I have never heard of (H&M) somehow managed to piss me off by being big time yeast infection douche-queefs. See that picture there? That lady found gigantic garbage bags behind the H&M stuffed with unsold clothing (that apparently contained a lot of Wal Mart apparel, too). The killer? H&M had slashed the shit out of the clothes so they would be unwearable!

Let's put this into perspective, they have a bunch of unsold clothing merchandise after the holiday in an economy that is downturned and instead of donating the clothing and jackets to charity they decide to throw out the clothes, but not only that, have employees take the time to shred these clothes so they will be unwearable.

*slow clap*

My blood is so hot right now that my eyeballs are boiling in place.

If that isn't enough to make you want to nuke all of their stores and abduct their management and administrators, drive them out to an abandoned warehouse, and individually lance each of them in their cold, little black hearts with a gigantic frozen urine javelin, look at this:


That's right. It's fucking skirts for men. H&M has skirts for men. LOOK AT IT!

We need to do more than boycott H&M, we need to eradicate it from the human genome.


robopanda said...

"Shouldn't we donate these clothes?"

"Ewwwww, then poor people would be wearing our brand."

"OMG, that would be tragic." *stabs bag of clothing repeatedly*

Stephanie said...

Hey, the skirts aren't so bad. Sometimes you gotta let your shit breathe, yo.

Dirty Hairy said...

If they would have been bags of them man-skirts that were slashed, followed by the body of Randy Orton's and Robert Pattinson's butt-baby there, I might have been damn proud!

Jack said...

They have really cheap button-down shirts, though!

(Or they used to, I haven't shopped there in over 5 years.)

Maaaaaaaaf. said...

This isn't an isolated case. I've known many shops do this to prevent people from raiding the bins and then either selling the goods on, or taking the item back to the shop and getting a "refund".