Wednesday, August 26, 2009

INCREDIBLEy Not Disappointing!

So, I was home sick yesterday and my mom rented me that Incredible Hulk movie with Ed Norton. Having exceedingly low expectations after the incredible shitfest the last Hulk movie was, I was actually surprised that this one didn't blow dirty Samoan Football Player ass.

I am not going to review the movie per se, but I am going to point out a small point that I found overlooked in many reviews (1) of the Incredible Hulk I read. *SPOILERS FOR A MOVIE A YEAR OLD AHEAD AND SPECULATION FOR A POSSIBLE SEQUEL TO A YEAR OLD MOVIE AHEAD!*

So, there is the supporting character of Dr. Samuel Sterns who helps turn Tim Roth into the villainous "Abomination". However, during the transformation process, we see Dr. Sterns get hit with some of Abomination's blood and his head starts..."poofing out".

Well, anyone that considers themselves even remotely well-versed in Marvel comic lore realizes that they are laying a trail of breadcrumbs for Dr. Sterns to be the possible villain in a possible sequel, a harrowing and fiendish lout named...LEADER! Oh, fuck, not that fucking loser! Leader sucks shit!

This is where I assert a more promising character for lead villain in a possible Hulk sequel: Bi-Beast! This guy is so gnarly he can suck you off and toss your salad at the same time, and doesn't play favourites when comes to boys and girls! Besides, if you need any more evidence that this guy NEEDS to be in a movie, read the opening segment from his bio:

"Bi-Beast was the android caretaker of a floating island formerly inhabited by a race of Bird People."

Now that is fuckin' HAWT!

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Donk said...

Looks like the Invisible Woman got tired of not being seen and is now doing something drastic about it.