Friday, June 5, 2009

Komments of the Week!

It's that time of the month...He means week! Time to recognize this week's excellence in commenting! Dor sho gha! This week's winner receives a free self-addressed, stamped envelope in which to send The Mighty Feklahr nude pictures of themselves. Let's see who won!

In the Best Dream Evar? thread:

Stephanie said...

Oh, Fekky. I am both shaken and stirred.

Rowr! Qaplah! YOU WIN!


Donk said...

Something tells me that you're only ever going to award this prize to female commenters.

Stephanie said...

Wow! What an honor. You're gonna send me an envelope?
Here's my new address. 664...oh, I forget.
If you get that reference, I really will send you nudie pics.

Dirty Hairy said...

Yes! Um...664...that thing from that one time!!!



Stephanie said...

*puts Polaroid camera back in drawer*

You could have looked it up, you know.

Dirty Hairy said...

Kahless smites liars with cold fish.


It's actually pretty fun.

Stephanie said...


It was Deftones lyrics. When in doubt, guess that and you'll be rolling in nudie pics.

Or not....I tend to lie a lot.