Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Dream-2 girls 1...Klingon?

OK, this dream makes for a pretty uninteresting story, and I am only really telling it because I got to bang two hot chicks in it. Let's go!

So, I had become reacquainted with a girl I knew from high school (let's call her "Blondie"). She was a pretty girl 12 years ago, and in my dream she had matured very nicely. We were at her apartment talking when her roommate (oddly enough one of the hottest strippers {let's call her "Garter"} I had seen when in Key West) came home flustered and crying.

Garter explained to that she had just caught her boyfriend cheating on her and broke up with him, and was really mad at him, furious. Blondie then says to her, "You should find the first guy with a big dick and fuck his brains out to spite that asshole!", then she motions over to me. (Oh, yeah, we are on a collision course with a porno plot!)

The funny thing was that, in the dream, I was actually thinking "Oh I shouldn't, I'm married, she's upset and will regret it..." and so on, but then I start necking with with Garter and Blondie starts undressing with the cute little quip, "You guys don't mind, right?", I suddenly found myself not really giving a shit.

I will spare you the "Penthouse Forum" part of this dream, save to tell you that the dream for a while was fucking explicit and raunchy. (My fave is when I was doing Garter from behind, Blondie gets a bottle of lube and tells me to pull out. She squirts lube all over my schlong and Garter's ass and guides me in. Fucking SWEET! Ooops, a little Penthouse Forum after all!)

There was also a subplot afterward of the girls selling drugs and me having to pretend I was so high I was comatose, but fuck it. I got to be the lightning rod for a threesome spite fuck with two hot girls!

Well, in my dreams. :/

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