Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Die cuntscab!

OK, so my company has a toll free number that we use ONLY for when we list job openings in the paper (which we do maybe twice a year). It gets used so little, it is almost shocking when a call comes in on that line.

Furthermore, we have lots of numbers for lots of people where I work. Being that I take over 90% of the incoming calls to the company, I need to know these numbers (and I do). In fact, the amount of company numbers I have committed to memory is astonishing. However, I cannot recite the toll free number off the top of my head. We hardly ever use it.

So, I get this call today from this bitch who is obviously in a HUGE fucking hurry. She tells me she needs to be transferred to extension "XYZ" (for the sake of brevity/privacy). Well, we don't have an extension "XYZ", so I ask her who she is trying to contact. She states, "Oh, well I most likely have the wrong number, isn't this '877-ABC-DEFG'?"

At this point, I am thinking, "Well that almost sounds like our toll free number, maybe a digit off." So I start saying to her, "Just a sec...", as I check our phone listings and she cuts in on me, "OH WOW, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER??? WOW! SCARY! I AM JUST GOING TO HANG UP AND TRY CALLING THIS NUMBER AGAIN!" *CLICK*

Yeah, so some cunt that admittedly thought she called the wrong number called me ignorant, insulted my intelligence, and hung up on me. Look for her on the back of a milk carton next week.

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Stephanie said...

People. Are. Assholes.

'cept for us, of course.