Friday, April 24, 2009

This PG rated politically correct world can bite it

When did we become so spineless as a species that we have to constantly protect the sensibilities of every possible person from every possible point of fucking view? The watered-down, PG rated, politically correct media is starting to stunt the intellectual growth of this nation (and beyond, I suspect).

My philosophy is, ANYTHING can be brought to the discussion table, regardless of how "awkward" it may seem to talk about. The longer we shy away from saying just what the fuck it is on our minds and saying it plainly, the more obfuscated social dialect and discussion will become, and less relevant!

There are so many cases, I just don't even know where to begin. Of course people that use their religious beliefs (or lack thereof) to cry "Foul!" infuriate me:

  • Some dipshit atheist decides to complain about a Nativity scene displayed at a Public Library during Christmas. I am sure he went through and objected to other religious materials the library has in non-holiday times as well. Sanctimonious fuck. Listen, fuckweed, they put up a nativity display, they didn't hold you down and try to exorcise your atheistic demon and convert you. MOVE ALONG. If you are an atheist, what the fuck do you care about a motherfucking Nativity scene?
  • The fucking Muslims go apeshit when a Danish newspaper publishes cartoons of Muhammed. FUCK THEM AND THEIR HIGH HOLY FUCKING HORSE THEY RODE IN ON. So what if there are a billion of you assholes on the planet, that just means there are about 6 billion that aren't. I guess if your God was so fucking mighty, He would have stopped the cartoons from being published, right? RIGHT?
  • Of course the dumbass Pope has to condemn a sculpture depicting a crucified frog. Let that sink in, people. We seriously have one of the highest religious "authorities" on the planet condemning a piece of art as blasphemous. Fine. For every piece of art the Vatican labels as blasphemous, I am going to make a drawing that is obscenely blasphemous. I feel inspired! Holy shit! No burning bushes or talking snakes stopped me from doing it!!!
Ugh, and message boards in general have all of these fucking rules about what they consider to be civil behaviour and language. Well, guess what? The Ku Klux Klan can use civil language, that doesn't make their dogshit message worth listening to! Civility goes out the fucking door the second STUPID arrives!!! Why the fuck am *I* under the obligation to be tolerant of an asshat that comes a-strollin' on in, throws blanket ignorant statements all over the the board, and then says, "I am entitled to my opinion."???

People fucking love feeling entitled. However, nobody wants the responsibility that is coupled with forming an opinion. It could be my opinion that we fucking kill by toilet drowning all men named "Vince", but it would be an opinion hinging on bizarre fucking cruel fantasy! By what right do I assert that? "Well it sounded good to me at the time!" FUCK TOO! Spouting off your opinion is worthless, backing it up with rational thought is PARAMOUNT. Far too few people want to back up their opinion with rational thought. More than likely, they have have an emotional response to something ("Eew, gays are icky!") then form all opinions for that "something" based on their emotional response. ("Since gays are icky, they should all be burned in an oven to death.") THAT'S NOT HOW LOGIC WORKS.

Here's a fucking swerve in the rant for you, why the fuck can't I use the word "nigger". It's the most dime-a-dozen fucking word in hip-hop vernacular, but the second fucking a white guy like me says it, IT'S RACIST. Shit, too! It's just entitlement in a different form. My "white guilt" has a limit and does not extend to where I self-censor my expression of thought. Why is it so off limits? Why can't we even approach the subject? That "empowerment" you must be feeling by taking a word that was used to deride you and make it a commonplace colloquialism in your microcosmic linguistics must be VERY intoxicating! Oh, sorry, it is just another self-imposed divide on ethnic relations. "We can use Word A and you may not." is NOT unifying.

What this all is boiling down to is that "delicately phrased" bullshit rhetoric is still bullshit rhetoric, and "disturbing, poorly worded" logic is still logic. When we put up this pretense of civil discourse, more attention gets paid to the verbiage as opposed to the content and relevant information is lost. It is intellectually dishonest to self-censor ourselves. (And, no, this isn't a call to yell, "FIRE!" in a crowded cafeteria...) The more we undermine our ability to plainly express ourselves, the more we undermine our ability to understand, respect, and comprehend each other plainly. Are we so weak-spined that we cannot bear the brunt of harsh truth?

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