Monday, April 13, 2009

I write timely movie reviews-"Religulous"

Anyone that is familiar at all with Bill Maher's viewpoint on religion and has passing familiarity with "mockumentaries" pretty much knew what to expect with "Religulous". It was a dirty, back-handed, quote-mined, cherry picked cheap shot at religion. Not that I really care, for the most part I think religious people can go fuck themselves.

Still, whereas it was remotely amusing to watch Maher debate the Bible with working class guys at the Trucker's Temple, or get "escorted" off of Mormon grounds, the only real entertaining and "laugh out loud" part of the whole movie was when he was in Amseterdam mind-fucking with the Marijuana Preacher deadhead. You could tell by the vacaous look on this old fucking hippy's face that he did indeed worship marijuana. DUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH.

I am not sure if it meant to be so disingenuous, but "Religulous" wasn't nearly as critical of religion as I might have expected. Having Bill Maher's smirky ass running around "questioning" religion isn't nearly as telling as the facts revolving around religion, then again, there is only so much material you can fit in 100 minutes.

Ultimately, if you are a passing fan of Maher, you will not begrudge the $2.99 spent to get this movie "On Demand". However, if you are a critical thinking athiest wanting to see religion get nostril fucked...well, keep waiting.

On the Bong! movie rating system, this gets a BONG!!.

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