Friday, April 3, 2009

Civil Rights Win

Even though I don't consider myself anything remotely resembling a gay rights activist, I am happy for the gay/lesbian community and proud of Iowa for standing up for the civil rights of a minority group (namely, homosexuals) today by declaring UNANIMOUSLY an Iowa Constitutional amendment naming marriage as "between a man and woman" UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

I hope this shows a few things about the Midwest:
  • We aren't afraid to embrace progressive ideas
  • We aren't a bunch of ignorant Bible thumping pig fuckers
  • We CAN set a good example for the rest of the United States
I know all the Fox News drones in Iowa (like my Uncle Steve, luckily I am related to him only be marriage and not blood) will whine to Hannity and all that bullshit like that, but fuck you guys. Reasonable and just people will make reasonable and just decisions. Civil rights will always beat out hatred and prejudice. Whereas I personally don't give a dog's ass if two men or two women fucking feel like getting married, I *DO* care if somebody wants to stand in their way. SUCK IT!

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