Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Dream-"Trannysaurus Rex"

So, in this dream my brother and I are auto mechanics. We get a call that a woman has her 1986 Dodge Omni broken down on the interstate near the Hwy 1 exit (fuck you, I know where it is!). We actually walk out there with the idea that we will fix the car and drive it back to the shop (???).

As we approach the car, we can see her in the driver side using the mirror to do her make up. She sees us coming and gets out of the car. This is where my subconscious mind decides to prison rape me, be cause it was no woman getting out of that car, it was six foot two of crude ugly dude in a dress.

Now, many of has have seen crossdressers. Hell, some of them even look hot. Hell, some of them you don't even know about until they break up with you and explain why they always wanted it up the ass. Either way, this was NOT one of those trannies. This was fucking Red Grange in a dress.

Ultimately, the problem with the car was something ultra easy and we had it fixed in like ten minutes. We asked "Sheila" if we could drive it to the shop then she chould go on her way. My brother gets in the driver seat, I get in back, and Sheila gets in the passenger seat.

We no more than get 5 feet down the road, and "Goodbye Horses" starts playing on the radio. (Yes, the Silence of the Lambs dick tuck song.) My brother and I are fucking weirded out to the max, but we didn't want to suddenly change the radio station, so what do we do instead?

Dance in the car and sing-along-with-a-tranny.

There are bags full of dicks less ghey than that dream. Ugh.

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Stephanie said...

If he/she had crashed instead of merely breaking down, you could have titled this 'Trannysaurus Wrecks'.