Thursday, January 8, 2009

America Needs More Domestic Violence

OK, any reader of my blog knows I like to "jokingly" tease about smacking women around. I only do it because it is funny and it pisses my wife off. Did I mention that I think it is funny?

Well, a good "she just fell down the stairs" joke is all well and good, but it stops (or is it starts?) being funny when abusive men blame the victim woman for the violence. Kind of like this ass-hat does.

Listen, needledickrag, beat on women all you fucking want. See if I care. However, it's all on you. You are a violent misogynistic limp-dicked insecure powerless little tool. Own up to it. If you are going to waste the energy on beating your woman, at least do it for the right reasons: Because you are drunk and you are an asshole. Skip the rant about how "sinfully proud" the woman is. It's unbecoming of a worthless, spinless turd.

You are a sinfully tea-bagged cockstamper, Bible Bully.

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Stephanie said...

We need to put more 'die' in Fundie.