Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So what if I have a soft side?

OK, so when I am not impersonating Klingons and hating mankind, I actually have a soft spot. I love animals. This is a picture of myself with my friend's new (at the time) puppy. This picture has to be pushing ten years old.

Oh, and that POS Chevy Beretta in the back? That was the car my brother and I called the "Millennium Falcon" (or just "Falcy"). There wasn't anything real special about that car, but boy could it move!

So...I will go find a senior citizen to verbally berate and blog about it.


Bren Kirk said...

Of course you do this the week I find out I'm not getting a puppy, you heartless fucking bastard.

Dirty Hairy said...

Merry Krs'Mas!

Chris said...

I'll give you $100 and a 20" Schwinn with a banana seat for that car.

Dirty Hairy said...

You had me at banana seat!