Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Dream-"Hot Lesbian Action"

Well, I had an interesting dream last night! In this dream, I was invited to a "swingers group" by Katie Holmes (an actress). I wouldn't say I have got it hot for her or anything, but she ain't exactly ugly. So we go to this weird "sex club" to orgy with the freaks. It had a little bit of everything there, including several "racks" to tie people down to.

Katie chooses a device that ties you up so you are like restrained under this table, and locks me up in it (call me, ladies!). Then she goes and finds this fine looking red head, and they open a suit case filled with lingerie and dress each other up. After they are all purtied up, they make out hot and heavy, until they are next to me on the floor "scissoring*" each other like a foot from my face.

After Katie gets off, she stands up and pulls this lever that gets me from laying on my back to an upright position. Then she walks over and gets on her knees in front of me. The table I was under gets sort of flattened against my chest, and a compartment opens up at my crotch so my schlong is exposed.

Katie whips out my pecker (Kahless, I love my fucking dick is always so fucking gigantic in them. I had a dream once where my dick was so long I could throw it over my shoulder. As it was, it was baseball bat sized in this dream.) and she starts going down on me.

Unfortunately, my subconcious mind decides to fuck with me here, and every time I looked down Katie's face got more and more masculine. After a short while it looked like it was fucking Kevin Sorbo blowing me. Not good.

The good news is that I didn't pop on Hercules, so it wasn't gay.


FUCK YOU! I wasn't the one with a dick in my mouth!

Anywho, we will call that the 99.9% good dream.

*in case you are too retarded to know what scissoring is, it's girls grinding pussies


Stephanie said...

Thanks for explaining what scissoring is. I thought maybe they were scrapbooking in front of you. Still hot.

Dirty Hairy said...

Scissor me timbers!

Chris said...

I prefer Mandingo parties.

Stephanie said...

A Mandingo ate my baby!!!