Thursday, December 11, 2008

Leave the guy the fuck alone you fundie fucknuts!

I am going to make a long story short. For those of my readers that do not know, I have a cousin that is about 6 years younger than me and he is "developmentally challenged". (To abbreviate, the guy is half-retarded.) Now, with that said, I love the guy. He has one of the biggest hearts of any of my family members, and he has had a lot to overcome in his young life (in addition to any cognitive disabilities) and is doing as well as could be hoped, and I feel he is prospering in his situation.

Recently, our grandmother passed away. My cousin was very close to her, and he was very distraught, very sad. Hey, it's understandable, I was so upset I took a day off of work to grieve. Sure, grandma was old and the sun had set on her time on Earth, but I was sad, and my cousin was very sad.

At the funeral, when the service was over and it was time to close the casket, my cousin became very upset and started crying. I went over to him for moral support, and shortly after his mother and (what I assume was) a family friend rushed over to my cousin and got in his face with, "Don't do this, we should be happy for Grandma! She is with God now! Stop crying and pray with us!", etc., etc.

I was livid. The fucking guy was grieving the loss of his grandmother. Regardless of the perspective anyone else hammers it into, straight up, the dude was sad. How are you going to tell a grown man (despite his disabilities) in front of the whole family to "Stop crying, it's not doing any good, NOW PRAY!"???

Real constructive use of your religion there, you sanctimonious fucking half-wits. The kid has enough fucking problems in his life, the last thing he fucking needs is intellectually repressed heathens force feeding fucking Christian indoctrination! Leave the guy the fuck alone you fundie fucknuts!

Then again, that is what you animals do best, isn't it? Kick the guy when he is fucking down. All I can say to that is, you better watch out for when these people decide to kick back, you fucking worthless pricks.


GumbyTheCat said...

Fundies are the worst people in the world. Hope your cousin is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

At my grandma's funeral, the dickhead minister went on a tangent about how women should stay home and raise babies and not go to college or be worldly, etc. Which is infuriating because my grandma always said her only regret in life was that her parents never let her go to college, and she and grandpa sacrificed a shitload to save up the money on a farmer wages to send their kids (including my mom) to college. And this asshole knew that about my grandma and chose her funeral to be saying misogynistic shit. What is it about funerals that makes fundies think everything is fair game for them but nobody else can talk back?