Friday, December 12, 2008

Feklahr the Mighty!

To the tune of "Sinbad the Sailor":

He's Feklahr the Mighty, so hearty and hale,

He bangs big ol' fatties the size of a whale.

He's a whale of a manwhore! (that's not a bad joke);

The captain of Grethor is this baktag bloke.

Who's the most un-Romulan extraordinary warrior?

Feklahr the Mighty!

He abducts cheerleaders in a van on a whim.

But chicks from the sticks?--they all fall for Him!

He severs craniums wherever they're found.

He does mean to brag, folks, cuz He killed a clown.

Who's the most qovlpathal extra-special kind of warrior?

Feklahr the Mighty!

From the Valley of Serpents these dildos He took!

He rubbed one out with one dirty book!

Now look at this boner, so strong and so huge!

He'd frighten King Kong, but it's only His spooge!

Using vibrating anal eggs is just fun;

Whoever said burns scars were suited for none?!

Who's the most depraved, sex-starved, extra-horny warrior?

Youse! Feklahrs the Mighty!

On one of His travels, He ran into this:

Now there was a thrill He'd be sorry to miss!

Grace00 spread out her legs, and the sunlight grew dim.

The stench of tuna pie overwhelmed Him!

Who's the most forshakkable extraordinary warrior?

Feklahr the Mighty!

Who's the ice cream truck driving, child abducting warrior?

Feklahr the Mighty!

He's afraid of robots, bugs, clowns, and nuns!

All He says is, "Bah!" to shoot photons from guns!

Who's the questionably masculine, extra macho warrior? WHO?

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