Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Dream-"Kentucky Fried Feces"

Preface-back in the day, my brother worked (at KFC) with these two guys that were a homosexual couple. For the sake of brevity, we will just call them Perez and Hilton.

So, I had a dream that, for whatever reason, Hilton and Perez were in jail and I was going to visit them. However, they had turned their cell into an organic farm. Unfortunately, they were using their own "organic material" (feces) as their soil to plant things in.

They also were trying to physically alter their feet, trying to make them smaller by fastening sticks to their heels and the back of their legs in such a way that they were constantly forced to walk on their tippy toes. However, they were in constant pain and would often fall to the ground and remove the sticks. Then they would say, "OK, after we take a ten second break, we have to leave them on for AN HOUR STRAIGHT!"

Well, this provoked a fight between them, and they started throwing feces from the ground at each other. However, Perez threw a big chunk of shit that missed Hilton, and splattered all over the wall in an odd, almost artistic design.

When the guard noticed the fecal art, he set Perez free.

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GumbyTheCat said...


You're a bright guy - you should invent a gadget that will extract your dreams and post them to Youtube. You'd be the biggest Youtube star ever... lol.

I do think the gay couple should have been named Neil and Bob.