Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Beating a Dead Horse": (I *HATE* SATC)

I have read a lot of reviews for the Sex and the City movie. I never watched the show, I will never go see the movie. I was trying to understand what the appeal of this "genre" was by reading the movie reviews.

However, I stumbled upon a much more disgusting truth wading through the quagmire of written word regarding this flick. This bullshit movie and the four old ugly hookers associated is nothing more than a propaganda machine for over-privileged, dried-up cunts to put their hatred of themselves on a pedestal and drop it on the heads of men.

For example, here is feedback a negative review from a female writer got:

"You have never just wanted to feel beautiful or powerful?"

Or Kahless Forbid you are a man!

"You're an idiot. Threatened much? Let me guess. You like movies about male fantasies and think they are inherently deeper. Heads up, they aren't. Guns and violence, super heroes and transformers are just as dull to women as heart, friendship, fashion and fun are to you."

Here's another good one:

"Why in the world would the star ledger have a man rate a chick flick. This movie was great and I give it 4 stars as does every woman I know who saw it. This is not a film a man can understand. It is about woman power and friendships through thick and thin. Please star ledger...have a woman review chick flicks and keep the men to rating war movies and action flicks."

And this crap just goes on ad nauseum. What's the matter, you stinky little pampered cunts? Someone call you on your shitty tastes in movies and now you are trying to save face? I have a better suggestion, cook me a steak, grab me a beer, and suck my dick. Hell, I bet you are too fucking helpless to even accomplish that. FUCK YOU! You probably can't even check the mail without spending an hour doing your hair. Women like these are as "empowering" to this society as the fucking camelfuckers that flew the planes into the World Trade Center.


Anonymous said...

Qaplah, indeed.

Evol said...

I, being a chick, do not find these movies empowering, I find them disgusting.

GumbyTheCat said...

I've never understood why anyone in the world thinks Sarah Jessica Parker (is that her name?) from SITC is good looking in the least. She looks like a Mr. Ed on heroin... a horse on horse.