Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The BONG! Movie Rating System

Qaplah, forshak lapping treacherous dogs, The Mighty Fek'lhr is here to share His mighty wisdom: The BONG! Movie Rating System! Dor sho gha!

BONG! with one exclamation point: It's not as bad as most of the qovlpathing forshak Hollywood pinches out for us to smell with undelight.

BONG!! with two exclamation points: You could go see this yIntagh movie, or you can stay home and watch Conan the Barbarian on DVD whilst slapping the salami.

BONG!!! with three exclamation points: If The Mighty Fek'lhr sees you in line for this movie, He will offer to kill you to spare your retinas and cerebrum the agony.

BONG!!!! with four exclamation points: Only Gay Handicapable Jewish Romulan tahQeqs will be interested in seeing this foshak pile of a movie.
BONG!!!!! with five exclamation points: Only fans of "The Hottie and The Nottie" need apply! QAPLAH!

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