Friday, August 24, 2007

New weird dream-"Sentient Light"

So it starts by me having a first person perspective of a man holding a camera. I cannot tell if I am myself or someone else. I am in a hotel looking around at people and notice Kevin Bacon. I run over to him and ask for a picture, but he gets angry as the bulb flashes and starts to run away. As he runs away, I notice his eyes are turning a bright and glowing red.

I chase after him, I sense he is something other than human. I keep taking pictures of him as I chase him through endless corridors. With each snap, be becomes more monstrous; his hair grows long and turns white, his teeth change to ugly yellow fangs, and his skin pales.

We are running and go through a door that leads to a parking lot. Kevin Bacon/Monster gets in the passenger side front seat of a large station wagon. I get in behind him to question him. I look in the rearview mirror and notice that I am, in fact, not "myself", but Will Smith.

Before I have a chance to say anything, Kevin Bacon utters, "I see that you have had an affair as well, Mr. Smith...", and as he says it a large yellow flash emenates from him. When my sight clears, Kevin Bacon has turned into Tom Cruise (and he isn't monstrous at all any more). Tom Cruise is looking at me and laughing as yellow lights start to encompass my body, seemingly possessing me with the "monster that looks like Kevin Bacon".

However, just as I am starting to transform, a dwarf-like green alien jumps up from the back of the station wagon and starts stabbing me with an odd dagger. It doesn't harm me, but with each stab, more of the alien light comes out, and Tom Cruise starts to get stab wounds all over him.

Suddenly, Tom Cruise shrivels up like empty skin and dies. The light forms a man shaped ghost floating above the dwarf-like alien and myself. It is writing in agony and screaming "NOOOO!!! How could you???", and it bursts into tiny flames and disappears.

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