Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ben Affleck Yiff fic in it's entirety

Ben Affleck made sure no one else was around as he slid softly into his poodle costume. Now Ben would cease to exist, and "Velvet" would come alive! He felt so free...if only he had that special someone to mount him, grab him by the haunches, and hump him into submission...

In the apartment next door, Andre stripped down bare before labouring into his hulking Sasquatch outfit. He truly flt alive and unafraid as "Badmuthafucker the Sasquatch", if only there was someone to share his love with...

All of the sudden, Velvet heard the groan of a mighty beast! He was scared and curious at the same time. He cautiously opened his door part way, only to be stunned by what he saw:

Badmuthafucker looked over to the poodle, "Hey! What's your name? Wanna yiff?"

"Oh, I am Velvet!", Ben said in his best girly voice, "I would love to yiff!"

Badmuthafucker smelled Velvet's ass, then pissed on her leg.

"There, I marked you. You belong to me now!" ZZZZZZZZIIIIIIIIP!

Velvet wagged her tail with excitement! She had been marked, and now she was going to be mounted for the yiffing of the fucking millenium.

"Be gentle, Badmuthafucker, it's my first yiff!"

"Fuck, Velvet, no problem!", Badmuthafucker replied as he whipped out his massive man member.



"There, Velvet! That ought ta be enough loogie ta get it in!"

"Yip yip yip! I can't wait, daddy...I mean Uncle...I mean Badmuthafucker!"

Andre fucking donkey punches Velvet, but because he is so manly, it tears Ben Afflecks fucking head off, so he fucks the neck stump until he cums, and puts fucking Velvet's head on a pike because it's fucking worthless.

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