Friday, August 3, 2007

3rd and 4th place

I was in college, and we (my friends and I) were getting all drunked up and high on a Friday night. We knew this freshman Rich who was trying to get into a frat. Anyway, we are all messed up and the movie "Babe" comes on. At some point Rich says, "Did you guys know that baby pigs don't have teeth?", then he just sort of shut up about it, and we didn't pay him no mind.

Well, then Saturday night, we were getting all drunked up and high, and Rich walks in the dorm room looking like he is about to pass out. He sits down, drunker than a skunk, and syas, "Have you guys ever seen a pig suck a guy's dick?"

We said "No.", and he passed out. Later that night he and his roommate were caught..."dual wielding". Fucked up.


I never knew what a circle jerk was, but then one day these friends of my little brother were telling me how they were all over at this kids house playing Playstation, and then they started using each other's "joysticks".

I went home and beat the fucking gay out of my brother.

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